Music moods while editing images

By June 1, 2021Blog

Music has always been a big inspiration for my creative work, it is also a part of my process while working on my images in post. Since the world changed and we were locked inside, discovering new music has helped keep my mind sane. I wonder if what I listen to has an overall effect on how I treat my images. I may have to conduct an experiment to find out. I love watching all my photos of a trip on a slideshow with music playing in the background. It can be very inspiring as the stories reveal themselves. Sometimes my I-tunes playlist on shuffle mode just seems to go with most my work. While editing, if it gets too monotonously dreamy or zoned out, I like to switch the mood a bit. Sometimes maybe going nostalgia mode to some old favourites. Anything from Tiny Desk is always fresh and great for discoveries. Lately, these are my go to albums – peaceful, thoughtful or inspirational. I also let the youtube algorithm open the doors to more quality music.